We hit the ground running didn’t we? (Aint it?) I just finished adding the sections of the site into the top menu bar but the navigation on those sites hasn’t been set up yet. Truth Trill (pardon me if I speak in third person) is dropping some fire in the music section been awhile since he made some real hip hop sounding music. I’ll be posting all updates concerned to the site and all its section so feel free to contact me if there are any bugs or questions.

In the future I’ll be adding video updates because I think it’ll save some time seeing as how these are not scripted and off the cuff as soon as we do something. The message board at truthtrill.com has some database errors and it’ll take some time to fix so stay tuned for that.

So far hosting is up and running so head over there if you need webspace. Focusing on the music platform right now and I will keep you all posted.

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